Course  Name:  Islamic Da’wah Methodology

Credit Hours:   5.0    Simulation:   48 hours    Live Da’wah: 2 hours

Prerequisites or Co-requisites:  NIL

Course Description: The course includes practices, speech making practice, and mock sessions. The course contents are handled in an interactive format.

This course also deals with Da‘wah as a “science” which comprises of subject matter, methods and objectives. It will study the Da‛wah methodologies of the prophets as well as other methodologies that developed in history. It also introduces the integrated approaches of revealed knowledge and social sciences for contemporary application of Da‘wah within the context of different ethnicities and belief systems.

Learning Goals: Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to :

1. Relate the responsibilities of da‘wah
2. Appraise the various methods of da‛wah
3. Examine social factors related to da‘wah

Course Material: The resources for this course include pdf files, power point presentations, Web session with instructor,Audio and Video files. As a key requirement for certification, students will be required to demonstrate their skill during practical sessions either via physical or e-presence