All-Mighty Allah enjoins men to engage in meaningful dialogue in searching for the truth about His Might and Unification, so that man can know the truth, uphold it tenaciously and consequently walk on the path of Paradise. Allah, the Mighty, puts it this way in the Glorious Qur’an: “Invite all to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them in the ways that are best.” (Qur’an 16 verse 125).

Even in the Bible, it is stated thus: “Prove all things and hold fast to that which is the truth” (1st Thessalonians, 5 verse 21. In Isaiah, Chapter 1, verse 16-18, it is stated: “Come, let us reason together.” It is the principle of these phrases, that fired the desire in a group of talented youths to come together and create a forum for the exchange of ideas about how to know God All-Mighty and the most acceptable way to worship Him.

These talented youths were also disturbed by the alarming rate at which children of Muslims were fast drifting away from the path of Al-mutaqinn, (the believing ones) as a result of ignorance and lack of knowledge about the Deen-Ul-Islam (Allah’s ordained religion for His creation)

The untiring efforts of the talented group culminated in the formation of a Mission named “ACADEMY OF ISLAMIC PROPAGATION” (ACADIP) in 1995 in Akure, the Ondo State capital. Yusuf Olatunde Adepoju, a major character in the initiation and formation of ACADIP and now a renowned comparative religious preacher, had since 1990 started attending the Islamic Vacation Courses (IVC) being organised by the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, (MSSN). From there, he came to know about the works of that great South African Islamic scholar, the late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and so, in 1991, he started reading his books.

As providence would have it, in 1992, Yusuf met Dr. Dawood Amoo Alaga, a prominent mover and motivator of Muslim students, at one of the IVCs, and became interested in his, (Alaga’s) lectures. On each occasion Yusuf had opportunity of listening to Alaga on comparative religious preaching, he was always charged, motivated and inspired to follow suit. No wonder, therefore, that in 1994, Yusuf started with indoor debates and dialogues with Christians. In the same year he reached out, delivering lectures on Islam in Secondary Schools, like the Federal Government College, Ogbomoso, in Oyo State, the Federal Government Girls’ College, Ipetumodu, in Osun State and at Government College, Offa in Kwara State.

In 1995, Yusuf moved a step further by taking the ‘dawah’ task beyond educational institutions. In that year, he publicly preached for three consecutive days and nights in each of the farming communities of Owode Eleepo and Elegiri, both in Ondo State.

In 1996, the desire to silence the enemies of Islam and as well to correct the unfortunate trend, among the Muslim Umah, whereby Muslim children were usually left unguided and thus allowed to drift away from the religion of Allah generated a powerful zeal in Yusuf to start publication of Islamic pamphlets and tracts to assist in propagation work. The two-fold desire to halt the assault of anti-Islamic preachers and house-to-house canvassers and the ugly incidence of weak Muslims being carted away into Christianity drew duo of Yusuf Adepoju and a fellow Muslim brother, Abdul-Afeez Igbayilola together to quickly form a Dawah Group.

They started Dawah work within the campus of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), where both of them were then students. This group started expanding and, by the following year, 1997, others like Engr Suraj Subar, Moshood Ajayi, Naheem Odebunmi, and Jamiu Odunbaku joined them and co-founded the virile Academy of Islamic Propagation, (ACADIP). Its mission slogan is “ACADIP, UNCOVERING THEIR COVER-UPS!”

By 1998/99 academic year, the fold of Islamic Evangelists increased by five, with the coming on board of Abdul Azeez Oyelami, Tajudeen Akinsowon, Taofik Adeoti, Saheed Oyedotun and Mutiu Oladeji. The same year, ACADIP extended the frontier of its Islamic propagation beyond FUTA campus. They started staging ‘dawah’ programmes in Akure, the metropolis of Ondo State. Their first public lecture in Akure was held at Agoro bus stop, High School Area, where the group, led by Yusuf recorded its first convert to Islam, (a female). Then, they held a three-day lecture series at Adejare and Igboliki areas. It was during these days, that a one-time Christ Apostolic Church choir leader, Brother Oluyemi Emmanuel saw the light of truth and embraced Islam. Today, Brother Emmanuel is now known, called and addressed as AbdulFatai Oluyemi. He is today, by the Grace of Allah, (swt), an active da’yat in ACADIP.

In 2000, the Ansar-Ud-Deen, Akure branch organised a 2-day programme at Araromi, where we had two converts in the persons of Tope, now Dawood and Tunde, who turned Abdus-Salam. He, Abdus-Salam later died in a motor accident in 2006. (May Allah grant him Aljannat Firdaos).

From 2000 thenceforth, ACADIP programmes were severally and serially held in some Akoko towns like Afin, Ikare, Oba and in many Ekiti State towns like Erinjiyan-Ekiti, Ado-Ekiti, Iyin-Ekiti, Imesi-Ekiti, Ise-Ekiti, Iworoko-Ekiti as well as in Ogbese, Obada and Afolu among others towns where, after listening to ACADIP lectures, many Christians converted into Islam. ACADIP, there and then also achieved successful return of a number of individuals who were born into Islam, but who had once before strayed into Christianity.

In 2001/2002, ACADIP began “Town-moving Programme Series” like Akure for Islam, Ile-Ife for Islam, Osogbo for Islam, Ilobu for Islam, etc. These programmes further popularised ACADIP such that Muslims organisations like ADS, YIRON, TMC, OMU, NECOMBAS, ADYAN, FOMWAN, NASFAT, FATIHU-QUAREEB, JNI and MSSN in various towns and branches were inviting them, particularly their Chief Lecturer, Alhaji Yusuf to give lectures on comparative religion at regular time intervals.

Aliamdulilah we are here.