Academy of
Islamic Propagation
Learn to propagate ISlam
An online Religion Diagnostic Clinic

Little About Us

Over the years, our comparative da’wah work has been used as a medium through which more than 5,000 non-Muslims have accepted the Religion of Islam. All Glory belongs to Almighty Allah. As a result, audience home and abroad feel it necessary that an institute where the knowledge and methodology of our style of da’wah would be learnt by interested individuals be built. This we plan to be accessible for anyone anywhere in the world. Hence our journey of an online learning medium began.

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Mission And Vision

Our Mission is to produce best world-class inter-faith dialogue experts who will illuminate the world with the true message of Islam. Our Vision include to build: *A world where people understand Islam and other world religions for what they are. *A world where Muslims are free from all forms of inferiority complex. *A world where inter-faith dialogue is used as a tool for peaceful co-existence.

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Our method of propagating the Religion of Islam has been in operation for more than 20 years during which we have, by the mercy of Allah, been able to stage open lectures in various countries including but not limited to London, Germany, France, USA, and Nigeria. Alhamdulillah, thousands of non-Muslims most especially Christians have embraced Islam. Visit our history page for more....

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