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Little About Us

Over the years, our comparative da’wah work has been used as a medium through which more than 5,000 non-Muslims have accepted the Religion of Islam. All Glory belongs to Almighty Allah. As a result, audience home and abroad feel it necessary that an institute where the knowledge and methodology of our style of da’wah would be learnt by interested individuals be built. This we plan to be accessible for anyone anywhere in the world. Hence our journey of an online learning medium began.

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Mission And Vision

Our Mission is to produce best world-class inter-faith dialogue experts who will illuminate the world with the true message of Islam. Our Vision include to build: *A world where people understand Islam and other world religions for what they are. *A world where Muslims are free from all forms of inferiority complex. *A world where inter-faith dialogue is used as a tool for peaceful co-existence.

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Our method of propagating the Religion of Islam has been in operation for more than 20 years during which we have, by the mercy of Allah, been able to stage open lectures in various countries including but not limited to London, Germany, France, USA, and Nigeria. Alhamdulillah, thousands of non-Muslims most especially Christians have embraced Islam. Visit our history page for more....

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Applicants are to pay a non-refundable sum of 7,500 Naira into the designated banks.

  • For bank deposit, ensure to write your phone number as the depositor’s name on the payment slip.
  • For Online transfers, candidates are to write their valid phone numbers as the transaction comment/remark.

Applicants are to wait for a period of 24 hours during which payment verification code will be sent via sms to the phone number used  for payment.

Applicants are to input the payment verification code on the payment verification page (by clicking the VERIFY PAYMENT link), complete and submit the student registration form.



International applicants are to :

  • Pay  the application fee of 40 USD using Paypal or credit card.
  • Send an email to containing  all necessary transaction details as well as applicant’s mobile number.
  • Wait for a reply email which contains the username and password to be used on the verification page.
  • Login to the payment verification page (by clicking the link below) to register for your preferred course of study
Verify Payment

Candidates are to pay the appropriate tuition fee as detailed below  into any designated bank.

  • Islamic Da’wah Methodology : 7,500 Naira(For Nigerians), $50.00 (For international students).
  • Science of World Religions : 12,000 Naira(For Nigerians), $60.00 (For international students).
  • Comparative Religion Studies : 12,500 Naira(For Nigerians), $70.00 (For international students).
  • Information Technology : 12,000 Naira(For Nigerians), $40.00 (For international students).

Thereafter, Candidates will receive sms to confirm tuition payment.

Finally, an email and/or sms containing  student’s portal login credentials and an admission letter will be sent to successful candidate within 72 hours of tuition fee confirmation.



  • Candidates are strongly advised to check out the pre-requisites for their selected field/course of study.
  • Candidates who wants to take Comparative Religion Studies MUST first enroll for Islamic Da’wah Methodologies and Science of World Religions.

Contact 08177700035, 08099900480 or send an email to in case of any registration related difficulties.

Contact us

Contact us to see what we can do for you. We can help you by giving you free salvation-related advice or you can join our teaming fans by attending any ACADIP’s upcoming program.

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Designated Bank

Account Number : 2030989214
Bank: First Bank 




Report Abuse

We maintain the integrity of our programs by constantly monitoring our students after graduation and by also taking feedback from the society. Simply click on the link below to log a complain ticket against any of our graduates who is (are) suspected to have been  involved in an anti-social behaviour towards non-Muslims. Thorough investigations would be carried out and such students will be duly dealt with. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE.

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Admission Requirements

Please see below before you apply

Applicants must possess minimum of “O” Level certificate(Nigeria), GCSE(UK), High School Diploma(US), or any other equivalent of the aforementioned Certificates. Applicants must also be computer literate, mentally fit and be of good character.

Academic Calendar

2017 Academic Calendar

We run three sets of admission process every year. Each diploma course lasts for a period of three months. The 2017 Academic session is as detailed below.

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Dear Candidate,

I have the singular honour and a very rare privilege of welcoming you to this world-class Institute of learning.

At AICOS, we have an eye on the future, we are in tune with the present and are very conversant with history:-these have made us to be different amongst our equals.

I present to you the finest of tutors and team under whose mentorship you shall be taken  through the oven of Knowledge and I have no doubt that you shall be well baked.

You will also be required to exercise high levels of commitment and discipline as you shall need these to scale through.

Please accept my congratulations.

Yusuf Adepoju.
ACADIP Institute of Comparative Religious Studies.